Consolidation Services Boost Efficiency, Cut Costs   

M & P Logistics’ consolidation services provide efficient and damage-free shipment of your containerized cargo. Our services save you costs while giving you better control of your shipment activity. 

When your vendors deliver goods in less-than-container-load (LCL) quantities, we consolidate these deliveries into full  container loads. We coordinate and load these vendor shipments in strict accordance with your instructions and guidelines. Through maximum use of container space, we can actually reduce the number of containers you ship. This lowers your ocean- freight, trucking and administrative costs.

Our complete, high quality cargo consolidation services include:

  • Coordination with vendors on cargo delivery and documentation
  • Inspection of incoming cartons to ensure proper condition for further shipping
  • Container stuffing to maximize load factors
  • Booking with your designated ocean carriers of those selected by our experienced staff
  • Coordination with carriers on container drop-off and pickup

Effective Document Handling Keeps Cargo Moving

Experienced M & P Logistics professionals collect and coordinate the distribution of necessary shipment-related documents.  We conveniently make these documents and related information available to you through expedited delivery service, online information access or electronic transfer.

Our document-handling service fully supports your document-processing needs through:

  • Receipt of your purchase order, either electronically or by fax
  • Preparation and consolidation of the bill of lading
  • Collection of all commercial documents
  • Issuance of a M & P Logistics Forwarders Cargo Receipt(vendors can negotiate their payments through selected channels with a M & P Logistics FCR, thereby eliminating costly delivery delays)
  • Electronic or fax availability of pre- and post-shipment advices
  • Forwarding of documents to brokers and customers

Key Features of our Consolidation Services

  • Maximum container space utilization 
  • Container-loading and shipping according to your plans and specifications
  • Efficient one-stop cargo control from vendor receipt to destination port location
  • Fully coordinated document collection and distribution
  • Booking with the carrier of your choice
  • Timely response to shipment-related instructions and changes
  • Easy-to-use, accessible information systems

Benefits to You

  • Reduced freight, trucking , documentation and clearance costs
  • Reduced administrative expenses and information-processing costs
  • Improved coordination and control of supplier shipments at origin
  • Focused operation and singular accountability
  • Complete flexibility in selection of carriers, brokers and trucking companies
  • Avoidance of costly documentation-related shipment delays
  • Improved planning through ready access to shipment-related information