Services Reduce Handling and Administrative Costs

M & P Logistics’ value-added services make distributing your products more efficient and less costly. Our varied services add value by reducing high handling charges and offering freight-rating programs that can save you time and money. 

Predistribution Customizes Loading and Expedites Delivery

Our cost-efficient pre-distribution origin services provide shipments that are destination-ready. After we receive cargo from your vendors, we sort, segregate and stuff these cargoes into full container according to your destination, distributions center or retail delivery requirements. Your shipments can then bypass intermediate distribution locations, eliminating costly and time-consuming re-handling

Inventory Handling Services Improve Efficiency

Through our modern facilities, M & P Logistics provides a full range of services that meet your inventory-processing needs. These services lend efficiency and cost savings to inventory management. Our growing range of value-added services includes:

  • Re-packaging
  • Pick-and-pack operations
  • Bar-code scanning
  • Merchandise ticketing and tagging
  • Carton inspection
  • Label creation
  • Shrink wrapping
  • Slip sheet operations

Features of our Value-added Services

  • A network of modern consolidation and warehousing facilities in key locations for shipment preparation and processing  
  • Centralized consolidation of LCL shipments from multiple origins
  • Prorated rating for multiple origin LCL shipments destined for consolidation 
  • Customized destination-ready load consolidation 
  • A full range of inventory processing services including: pick-and-pack, bar-code scanning, repacking, merchandise ticketing and tagging and load unitization
  • Rate-competitive NVO services on selected trade lanes

 Benefits to you

  • Reduced destination handling costs 
  • Improved economy and coordination of multiple shipments from various origins 
  • Reduced cycle time through bypassing intermediate distribution points 
  • Cost-efficient container utilization 
  • Improved shipment planning and coordinating at origin shipping locations